The ministry we’re serving

Kevin’s latest update gives us a better glimpse into the client ministry that Engineering Ministries International is serving in Tanzania:

Yesterday, we went for dinner at our host’s house. He has 3 young daughters and lives in a good sized house. He has a gov’t job and so he can afford a little more than the average family. They were very gracious and did their best to entertain us.

The 4 ministry leaders looked over the plans and are very happy with them. It is not really different than what they originally planned, but it has more detail worked out. Today we will present the vision to a larger group.

The ministry leaders are a great bunch of guys. Easy going, easy to talk with, and definitely great connections for the future. This ministry has no foreign funding and is solely supported by the Sunday offering of its very poor congregation. Its amazing to see what they have done with it.

Two of the ministry leaders sporting their new eMi shirts

There are 250 children who are sponsored through Compassion. They are not orphans. They are vulnerable kids in the neighborhood who come for after school work, Saturday, and some meals. Its a great ministry helping kids get out of the hardship of poverty.

An intern with a few of the kids

It’s Friday evening now, Tanzania time, so the final presentation has likely already taken place.  Pray for the team now as they head into a time of debriefing.  Kevin said the testimony sharing throughout the week has been very honest – there’s something about being away from home that makes it easier to share your heart.  Pray that that honesty and openness will carry through as the team members face what God has been telling them this week. 


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