Latest Update

Here’s Kevin’s version of yesterdays’ events:

I got to phone home this morning which is always a real treat. Unfortunately the kids were already in bed but I got to talk to Michele a little.

Also I went for a morning run with one of the volunteers. The African sunrise is amazing, even when you’re in the city. We ran through the streets as people were walking to town for work or school. A few others were running too. Then we found out that the stadium was where more people exercised, and so we went and joined them on the track. There were a lot of smiling faces watching the Mzungu’s (that’s us foreigners J).

This was a great way to start the day. Now off to work.

We need to mostly finish our drawings today but we feel like we are melting in the heat as we plug away. Work efficiency would be much higher in an air conditioned space, but we are working in a very hot office with lots of flies and lots of distractions from the local kids and church staff. Anyway, it is nice to come back to comfortable sleeping quarters in the evenings.

It’s Thursday evening in Tanzania now . . . pray that the team can finish up those drawings (without being up too late!) and pray that the last pieces will fall into place tomorrow before the presentation.  Pray that the right people will be at the final presentation, and that the presentation is an encouragement both to the ministry and to the team.  Pray that any technology that needs to work for the presentation, will.  And pray that God will be glorified through this design.  Thanks for your faithful prayers!


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