Phone calls & photos

I just got a phone call from Tanzania! Along with some more photos that Kevin sent today, I’m feeling quite spoiled.

The week is going well . . . though the final presentation is fast approaching. It’s Thursday morning in Tanzania right now, and the Engineering Ministries International team will be presenting the draft master plan on Friday afternoon. So keep praying for them as they head into the crunch . . .

I’ve finally got a clearer idea of WHAT the team is designing too. It’s a student centre  that includes some vocational training for the high school kids. The church runs a kindergarten program, an after school program, and a Saturday school program in conjunction with Compassion International (anyone have a Compassion kid from Tanzania?).  The eMi team is designing new classrooms, new offices, and a new church (so that the old church can be turned into classrooms too).  It really does sound like a fabulous project . . . and we get to have a small part in it.

Today (or yesterday, if you’re on Tanzania time), Kevin finished up the survey

. . . and also had a chance to play a bit of soccer with the kids.

Along with all the survey gear, Kevin and the interns also brought over a bunch of soccer jerseys and shorts donated by the Bowness Soccer Club.  Apparently, the kids liked them 🙂 .

This morning, Tanzania Time, Kevin and another volunteer went for a run (not too many runners out on the streets of Tabora, apparently), and now they’re getting back to work . . . pray for wisdom, inspiration, and innovation as the team puts in another full day of design work.  Thanks for your prayers!


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