Surveying & Such

Kevin’s latest email:

Today I tried my hand at surveying and I was a little anxious about it. It has been many years since I have truly surveyed but after we got into the swing of things I started to enjoy it. We ran into a couple snags like the batteries dying prematurely so the survey will need to go into the second day. I also had to wait a day before starting survey so I could get the rest of the team going first. So we will barely have a site plan done by the end of the week.  I’m going to appreciate surveyors on our teams all the more after this trip. Its fun (and nerve wracking) having the hordes of kids around the survey equipment when you’re trying to survey.

Surveying with an audience

The food has been plentiful and quite varied but with lots of rice and beans. I haven’t had to dig into my granola bars too much yet. Our ministry hosts are very gracious and have given up their week to be with us and to ensure we are well taken care of. What would it take for us to take our hospitality to the next level and return the favour when people visit our churches?

Team testimonies are always a good time of getting to know each other a little deeper. The whole team loosens up after sharing and this week it is no different. It is a good group with good commraderie. We complement each other well.

Pray that everything that needs to get done in-country will get done . . . that the group will continue to work well together . . . and that the pieces of the plan will fit together easily and well . . .


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