And so it begins . . .

Happy Thanksgiving!  Kevin and the team apparently forgot about the holiday – since it’s not recognized in Tanzania – but that didn’t stop them from being thankful.  Spending thanksgiving in the developing world is a great way to realize all you have to be thankful for!  

Here’s the Sunday and Monday update . . . it’s bedtime Monday Tanzania time right now . . . 

On Sunday I was the “preacher”. I got to sit in front of the congregation for the 2 hours I was in the church. I was celebrated as the visiting speaker. I didn’t feel that special though. My sermon went off quite well and I synced quite well with the translator. Having a translator always makes me nervous. I felt stiff and nervous before I got up there, but after I was “on” it just sort of rolled off. The sermon seemed to gather steam and develop a life of its own. Maybe it helps me to gather my thoughts if I have a translator.

After Church

One of our other team members is much more dynamic than I am and after a couple comments he said to the congregation, they invited him to preach at the Friday service. I’m glad they didn’t ask me.

The visioning session on Sunday was with about 20 leaders of the congregation and student center. It was long but we needed to hear them out. On Monday we got down to interviewing the leaders in more detail. We also started the site investigation including the water testing and measuring the buildings. Tuesday will be a more “productive” day.

Perc Test

This evening we heard a few team members’ testimonies. It’s always good to hear what God has done to get the volunteers to Tanzania. Sometimes there is more resistance than others, but it’s great to see people follow a call.

So, pray for the site investigation and pray for the architects as they begin to figure out how to fit the vision on the land they have . . . and enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving Monday.

What are you thankful for today?  I’m thankful for the internet, which allows me to stay in touch with Kevin while he’s halfway across the world – and I’m thankful that so many of you are praying for Kevin and the team . . .  


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