“Pastor Kevin”

Some of this will overlap the last update . . . but here’s Kevin’s Friday/Saturday email:

Landed in Mwanza very tired but no problems. Met Eldie (the South African Architect) at airport. Checked in, walked by lake, had dinner and crashed. Slept well and went to pick up last team member Elias. His plane was cancelled so he was scheduled to arrive at 1:30. While waiting we took a local ferry for the experience. We got right back on the other side.

Picked up Elias and drove a few hours until dark. On Sunday we will drive the last 2 hours to the village. When we get there, I am expected to preach. We’re trying to squeeze in breakfast, drive 2 hours, check in at hotel, and get to church at 10:00. It’ll be an early morning.

Right about now, it’s almost 7:30 a.m. Sunday in Tanzania . . . which means hopefully breakfast is done and they’re already on the road.  Please pray for safety for this last leg of their journey, no “typical african mishaps”, and for wisdom for Kevin as he shares whatever God has laid on his heart.  And to think Kevin figured Engineering Ministries International was a good fit because he was not the preacher-type 😉


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