The Rest of the Story . . .

Kevin managed to get access to internet . . . so here’s some details of why they’re delayed:

Six of us flew out of Calgary on Wednesday evening. The architect and his drafter son from Edmonton, the electrical engineer from Calgary, 2 EMI interns (civil engineering and architecture).  We flew direct to London (8.5 hrs) where we had a 6 hour layover which isn’t enough time to leave the airport. The civil engineer from California was supposed meet us and to fly on with us from there but he was detained at security and missed the flight. He was rescheduled and rerouted so he would land the day after us with an unexpected night in Kenya. This will put us a day behind schedule but its not about our well laid plans and schedules. We just are flexible and leave it up to the Lord to determine how it’ll all work out.

We all slept again on the flight which was 9.5 hrs this time. There is a 4 hour layover then another 2 hrs domestic flight. When we land in Mwanza we will meet our South African volunteer architect who arrives a few hours before us.  We hope our car and translator will meet us at the airport as arranged. Then we’ll have to book an unexpected night in Mwanza and then pick up the Californian in the morning. We’ll be quite exhausted by all this but then we need to drive all the next day to get to the village of Tabora. What a marathon of travelling!

and the very latest . . . as Kevin was just able to skype me for a few minutes:

We’re waiting in Mwanza for Elias since he missed his plane in London. So we are one day behind. But we had a good time today. We had half an afternoon so we went to the lake to watch the sunset. Now we’ve finished dinner and are crashing in bed. It’s been way too long since I’ve had more than an hour of sleep.

It’s about 10 p.m. Friday there right now . . . so pray for a good sleep for them, and then a good last leg of travelling and a good start to the project . . . 


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