Another eMi Adventure

While Kevin’s busy packing upstairs, I thought it was about time to update you with what he’s up to . . . he’s leaving tomorrow evening for another eMi adventure:

I am once again leading a team to East Africa for 2 weeks starting Wednesday Oct 3rd.

The Engineering Ministries International team is made up of architects and engineers who are helping to master plan and design a vocational school in Tabora, central Tanzania.

EFESO Baptist church, located in Tabora is the host ministry with a huge vision to work with children and seminary students giving them vocational skills. They are looking to add onto their existing facilities on newly acquired land with new buildings and infrastructure. The ministry will combine with existing programs for seminary students and housing for Compassion International children.

Please pray for me and the team for safety as we travel, and for patience and understanding as we experience culture shock and language barriers. Pray that the team would be united in purpose and that God’s vision for this site would be realized.

I don’t know yet whether Kevin will have internet access, but I will keep the updates coming as soon as I get them.  In the meantime, here’s a prayer guide that you can use to give you some idea of how to pray each day.


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