Rest & Relaxation?

Engineering Ministries International trips end in a time of rest & relaxation:

15-Jun-12 2:05 p.m. Long drive, swam in ocean, ran on beach, debriefing mtg, nice hotel.  Winding down.

It may seem a bit frivolous, but really, the couple days between finishing the project work and before heading home are serious business.  Debriefing is vital for any missions trip – but especially one where you’re face to face with a kind of poverty and injustice that you may not have even realized existed.  It’s a time to reflect on what you’ve seen, think about what God’s been telling you, and work through how to share your experiences with those back home – not an easy task.

And yes, there’s some relaxation.  A time to wind down after running on adrenaline for a week.  Of course, some moments are more relaxing than others . . .

15-Jun-12  10:22 p.m. Barely made the ferry to Zanzibar. Africa sense of time hard to get used to. Not nearly enough sleep.

16-Jun-12 12:46 p.m. Flights chk’d in OK. Seasick on ferry but good time in Zanz. Debriefing went very well. Another short night coming up.

And now . . .

“We’re on the way home! It seems like an awful long time since I’ve been in my own bed. I just had the first hot shower since I left Canada 10 days ago. It felt so good. We’re at the hotel in Dar es Salaam. The alarm is going at 4:45AM and last night the alarm went at 4:30AM. I’d love to write more and send more pictures but I don’t think its going to happen tonight. Maybe on the plane . . . “

Pray for the team as they travel home, and pray for the “reverse culture shock” that they may encounter.  Pray that they tell the story of what God is doing in Tanzania well.  And pray that they’ll be ready to take any next steps that God is asking them to take . . .



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