Back in Time: First Few Days

This post covers Friday – Tuesday of last week:

It’s been a busy tiring first few days in Tanzania. After 2 back to back red eye flights, we landed at 7AM on Friday morning and didn’t go to bed until 9PM. After a couple hour drive we arrived at our guest house which is only several hundred meters from the site and maybe 1 km from the existing orphanage. Very lucky to be so close. We started our programming meetings in the afternoon and crashed into bed right after dinner. On Saturday the survey started and we dove into more programming. Sunday was church for 3 ½ hours sitting in the front row. Our group even tried a group song to the congregation. Probably the last time I’m going along with that. It sounded much better in practice 🙂 But at least they appreciated it.

We visited the existing orphanage on Sunday afternoon. We presented our gifts: shirts, candy, school supplies, and best of all soccer balls.

Then we had 3 rousing games of keep away and juggling with the new balls. Unfortunately, one thorn tree (3” thorns) popped one ball within the hour. But we had a couple more. Lots of fun, lots of pictures, and we learned a lot of Swahili.

Monday we worked all day.

I just about didn’t make it through devotions because of being tired and dizzy. Sleep did me well. Woke up and went for a 5 km run in the morning with 2 other volunteers. Great way to check out the countryside. Kids were going to school at the time and some ran with us for a ways.

Tuesday some tried to go to a government office for information but were not very successful. The survey crew finally figured out what was wrong with the equipment and saved the last couple days worth of data. Good thing.

The design is going along quite well. The architect is quite experienced and we are glad for his abilities. We still need more production people but it might have to wait until we get back. I’ve had to do quite a bit of drafting so far.


Great team and we are getting along very well.

(For more pictures, check out the Tanzania Trip Album)


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