Pray for Health & Final Presentation

Just heard from Kevin, and their final presentation is in 2 hours (about noon Calgary time), and two of the volunteers are still feeling sick.  Would you pray for them, that they feel better quickly, and that they would be able to make the contributions they need during the presentation?  Thanks!

13-JUN-12 10:06 p.m. A couple people sick. Me a little. Praying it’ll pass today. Presentation this aft and another visit to orphans

14-JUN-12 10:11 a.m. Had fun w kids again. Dinner and final presentation in 2 hrs. 2 still sick. I’m ok.

Sounds like they’ve had some chances to interact with the kids at the existing orphanage . . . that’s exciting, because these are the kids that will be living in the new permanent orphanage that the team is designing.  It’s not just about designs, it’s not just about buildings . . . it’s about helping GAiN make an impact on the lives of these kids for eternity!


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