Updates and Extrapolations

12-Jun-12 5:43 am Ran 5k w Nico and Chris before bkfast. Great way to see countryside and kids. Ready to start day.

According to Kevin, it’s amazing what a good run will do to clear your mind.  I’m glad he’s getting some running in – it likely means that the team has gotten into a good rhythm.  And I’m sure the Tanzanian kids found it quite entertaining 😉

12-Jun-12 5:43 am Dizzy and faint last night. Better in morning. Pray for energy to last through the evenings

Pray for health and energy for the team . . . between different routines, different food and water, and different time zones, there’s plenty to mess a body up!  But they don’t really have time to be sick . . .

12-Jun-12 5:43 a.m. I’m leading devotions tonight . . . Good group . . . Pray for tonight.

The nightly devotions/team meetings are a way for the team to connect, to remember that this project trip is about more than just doing,  and to process what God is speaking into their lives through it.  Pray as Kevin and various volunteers lead each nightly devotion that focuses on the experiences that they’re sharing.

12-Jun-12 12:12 p.m. Less tired. Survey is coming together. Thx for praying

Prayer makes a difference!  Please keep praying for the team.

At this point in the week, there’s likely enough of a general survey for the architects and engineers to start laying out buildings and site services.  I’m sure there’s still lots to do between now and the final presentation on Friday – pray for stamina and inspiration as they put Upendo’s vision on paper.

12-Jun-12 10:07 p.m. Crickets, frogs, roosters, pigs, birds all singing together this morning to wake us up. Noisy!

12-Jun-12 10:13 p.m. My mind was racing 1 hr b4 alarm. Got up early. Exercises and watched sunrise. Bkfst shortly.

As we’re getting ready to call it a night, Kevin and the team are waking up for another day . . .

And one more text – this one a tweet from GAiN Canada – the ministry that Kevin is serving:

12-Jun-12 10:51 a.m. Did you know that our team and a team of engineers have been meeting in Tanzania this past week to discuss the future orphanage? We are not only excited for this building project to begin…but we are thrilled to be planning for a permanent home for the children.

As Engineering Ministries International tweeted back – we’re blessed to be there!


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