A Good Start

The first part of a project trip week is always the most “labour-intensive” for Kevin as project leader.  Makes sense – after all, the volunteers have never meet each other before, and they very quickly have to gel as a team, overcome jet lag, get their bearings in a different culture, connect with the vision of the ministry, figure out their individual roles . . . and hit the ground running.  For many volunteers, this is their first experience outside of North America, and for some it’s nothing like they expected.  The volunteers look to Kevin, as their “fearless leader,” to figure out how this all works.  At the beginning, he’s the one who keeps the process moving smoothly.  By mid-week, the project seems to take a life of its own, as the different volunteers take ownership of different aspects of the design.  Lots gets done between mid-week and the final presentation at the end of the week.  But for Kevin – if he’s done his job well – he can generally step back a bit and watch his volunteers shine as they fill the roles that God has for them on this specific project trip.

11-Jun-12 12:47 p.m. Team leading part is not so critical for rest of week. Hope to relax a bit tomorrow.  Definitely need it.

Along with the design stuff, the team connects over sharing their spiritual walk with each other.  Throughout the week, the team will share how God brought them to Tanzania and how God is working through them during their time there:

10-Jun-12 3:02 p.m. Finished 3 hours of testimonies. Yesterday 2 hours. Long haul but very good

So keep praying for the team – both as they get their design on paper, and as they consider what God is telling them through their Tanzanian experience.


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