Texts from Tanzania

10:19 pm 7-Jun-12 Found everyone here in London. Going well. Getting to know everybody. Love you.

8:27 am 8-Jun-12  We’re all here safely. Please spread the word.

9:38 am 8-Jun-12 We made it. Are you getting any texts?  All looks good.

3:08 am 9-Jun-12 We likely won’t have any internet until Friday. Going well. Programming and survey underway.

They’re each less than a 160 characters – but these text messages that I receive from Kevin sure mean a lot to me while he’s leading a project team – especially when, like this time, it doesn’t look likely that he’ll have internet during the bulk of the project trip.  Please pray for Kevin and the team as they are beginning to capture God’s vision for Upendo Orphanage, and as they put it down on paper as only engineers and architects can do!  Pray for the team to work well together, for them to ask the right questions of the right people, and for a God-honouring design!  I’ll keep you posted with more text messages from Tanzania as the week goes on . . .


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