1000 Projects

Engineering Ministries International is celebrating their 1000th project today . . . isn’t that amazing?  Can you imagine the capacity that has been built for ministries around the world, and the people who have been impacted by God’s love through these ministries?  All because someone realized that engineering and architecture skills were needed on the mission field too . . . and, at God’s prodding, decided to do something about it!

The 1000th project is out of the UK office – designing a vocational training centre for an indigenous ministry to the disabled in Thailand – and it really is a great representative project.  Beside being led out of eMi’s newest office, the multinational project team has volunteers from the UK, Ghana, Australia, Canada and the US.

I think Kevin’s team missed being the 1000th project by mere hours . . . his was one of three project teams leaving today.  He’s currently on the first of two back to back red-eye flights that will get him to Tanzania, where he and his team will be designing an orphanage.

It’s actually a pretty neat project.  The existing orphanage was kind of “inherited” by an organization that mainly drills water wells.  They’re needing to move from a rented location onto their own land, but don’t know a lot about running an orphanage.  That’s where eMi comes in – to help them look at the land and figure out how best to serve the needs of these kids.  From what I understand, the orphanage has mostly older kids – 9-14 years old or so.   I’m looking forward to hearing more about the process – we’ll see how much internet Kevin has while he’s in-country.  You should be able to read more about the project here – though we’ve had some problems with the emicanada.org server, so if the link doesn’t work, please try again later.

Please pray for Kevin and the team as they travel over the next couple days, as they meet each other (at the Heathrow Starbucks 😉 ), and as they catch the vision for this ministry that has entrusted them with the planning process . . .


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