So proud of my family!

I have an amazing family!  I can’t believe how well Kevin, Talia, and Kaisa did at the Calgary Marathon Charity Challenge.  Wish I could run like that!!  You’ll have to excuse a proud mama as I brag them up a bit 😉

Kevin was running the marathon, and was hoping for a personal best of 3:15 for the full marathon (that’s 42.2 km) . . . and he finished in 3 hours and 9 minutes!!  That’s a fabulous time – he was 41st out of just under a thousand racers – and it was good enough to easily qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Now to collect enough airmiles so we can actually send him to Boston in the Spring . . . donations anyone?

Talia was running the 10 K – only her 2nd time to run that distance, though she’s been running 8 K cross-country races over the winter.   She joined 3 other 11-year-olds and a 13-year-old from TEAM EMI, all who were running at that distance – and all of them broke an hour!  That’s a great time for the 10 K regardless of age, putting all five of them in the top third of 10 K runners – and Talia’s 58 minutes was good enough to get her a 5th place finish in the Female Under-15 age category!

Kaisa helped with picture taking all morning while she was waiting for her 5 K race to start . . . and then somehow she ran past so fast that I missed her completely!  I know there are some pictures of her running floating around out there, but I haven’t gotten them yet.  She finished her race in a very respectable 35 minutes and was the first TEAM EMI runner to cross the 5 K finish line.

Of course, this run was about more than personal bests and impressive runs . . . and Kevin, Talia & Kaisa raised just under $2000 for TEAM EMI.  Together, TEAM EMI raised almost $12,000 towards two eMi Canada projects . . . one of which is the orphanage design in Tanzania that Kevin is leading starting tomorrow.

It’s been neat to be part of TEAM EMI again – many of our last year’s runners were back, plus we had some new faces.  Everyone was excited about running (or walking) for eMi, and we’re seeing the “eMi family” here in Calgary grow because of our involvement in the Charity Challenge.  Want to join us next year?  Only 354 days until the next race . . .




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