Race Weekend!!!

This weekend is the Calgary Marathon Charity Challenge . . . and if you haven’t heard already, Engineering Ministries International is one of the official charities 🙂 Talia, Kaisa & Kevin are raising money for two eMi projects through the race – and one of them is the orphanage design for Tanzania that Kevin is leading next month!  We’d love your support as we stretch our legs that day and agonize with pain over the next few days after that . . . here’s the details . . .

fun run preparing for Calgary Marathon Charity Challenge

Kaisa has been running 4k cross country races this winter and will be staying in shape this spring by biking and playing soccer. 5k is a long way to stay focused but if she can find a cute dog to stick behind on the race course she’ll do just fine, unless the dog does too many zig zags. Go Kaisa go!

Talia has been out every week with Kevin for 5-6k runs with a local running club whatever the weather right up until soccer season. She is turning lots of heads with her speed and tenacity to get the weekly run finished. She even finishes each run with a sprint and a smile. 10k for Talia this year.

Kevin is challenging himself to get a new best time for the marathon distance. There are just so many corners in the course this year that he’ll have to concentrate to not make a wrong turn somewhere along the way.

Michele has the cow bells all ready to go for the finishing line. She makes sure everyone has enough water, hats, extra socks that that we all get to the start line on time.

TEAM EMI has already raised enough money to sponsor one project completely – now we’re pushing hard to get a second project sponsored. Can you help us out?  Pick Kevin, Talia or Kaisa from the list here:


Thanks!!!  I’ll get pictures posted as soon as possible after the race . . .



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