Designing the places where miracles happen

Do you remember the Engineering Ministries International trip that Kevin led to Danja, Niger back in 2008?  It was to design a women’s surgical centre – specifically, a fistula clinic – and I got to go along.  When we were back in Niger for a different project at the beginning of last year, Kevin got to make a quick stopover in Danja, to see the almost-finished clinic.  Yesterday, as I was following up on some projects, I stumbled across these two posts – both about the now-complete fistula clinic that had its grand opening earlier this year.  I just had to share:

Ob/gyn’s dream for women’s hospital in Africa comes true

This article is about Dr. Lewis Wall – our client partner – and how the Danja Fistula Centre is the fulfillment of his longtime dream.  As Dr. Wall says “this hospital may seem small by American standards, but it will make a large difference in the lives of so many African women who have suffered needlessly for too long.” It also explains how the Worldwide Fistula Fund is hoping to use the Danja Fistula Centre design as a template for other, similar, centres across Africa.

Meet Mariama

This blog post introduces us to Mariama, a 17-year-old who was recently treated at the Fistula Centre . . . what brought her there, and what difference her stay at the Fistula Centre made.

I love these stories, because they really show what eMi is all about.  It’s not about the designs, it’s not even about the buildings – it’s about the impact that these well-designed buildings can have on the lives of people like Mariama.   Sometimes we literally do get to design the places where miracles happen.  Isn’t it exciting?

Are you already a part of God’s work through eMi?  If yes – on behalf of people like Mariama – THANK YOU.  The designs do make an impact!  If you’d like to be – check out how to join our support team as we minister with eMi.  And keep praying for each design – that God would use it to impact lives for his kingdom.


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