Between two Missions Conferences – one that involved a week out of town – and an office move, I feel like I’ve gotten behind on a lot of things.  My list of things to do at the office seems to be getting longer, not shorter . . . and prioritizing is getting more difficult.  And we’re not even back to normal yet, as Spring Break – which throws off my schedule once more – is yet to come.  I’m behind on things at home too . . . it’s amazing how messy a house can get while we’re not even at home 😉  So I’m starting small . . . today, a blog post, tomorrow, the world . . .

Last week we were up in Fort St. John for MissionVision:


MissionVision is a fabulous community-wide missions conference put on by the local churches in Fort St. John . . . and it’s a great excuse for us to head back up there and connect with many, many friends and supporters.

MissionVision itself was on the Friday and Saturday.  We had our display up and Kevin & I both led a seminar on Saturday.

On Sunday we were sharing at church – and Kevin led another seminar during the Sunday School time.  Through the rest of the week we shared with three care groups (well, five if you count the combined groups separately), I spoke at the Awana club, and we had more breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and “coffee times” than we can count.  We left well-fed but exhausted on Thursday morning . . . and felt rather guilty on Sunday when our pastor asked, during his sermon, how we were doing at building margin into our lives this Lenten season 😉

It WAS crazy busy – and we knew it would be.  But it was also wonderful.  Wonderful to share what God is doing in our lives and through eMi.  Wonderful to watch Talia be especially touched by the speaker at MissionVision.  Wonderful to watch the girls reconnect with good friends.  Wonderful to catch up with our friends, to celebrate joys, and to share burdens.

And then, we followed the eMi project trip model and took a bit of time for rest & relaxation – and debriefing – before arriving at home.  We could have driven through in one day – but for our sake, and especially for the sake of the girls, we did a shorter driving day and enjoyed some family time together in the evening before heading the rest of the way home the next day.

Now we’re home, and trying to find some semblance of routine for the week before spring break – between a sick kid, broken glasses, an overnight field trip, and the ordinary distractions of life.  Hmm . . . maybe we’ll put off routine until next month 🙂



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