Colombia Reflections

Kevin made it home safely.  Thanks for praying!  Here are some of his reflections on his time in Colombia . . .

Art on the Seminary Campus

It was a very short trip to Colombia but it was a great experience. We were able to investigate the drainage problem at the seminary library, interview a lot of people about it, and come up with a written strategy and drawings to get it fixed. All in a few days. The seminary can now move forward to repair the humidity and moisture problems in the library.

Seminary Library

The seminary is providing a much needed service to the protestant church in an overwhelmingly catholic society. The school is full, the property is bursting with buildings, and hundreds of new pastors are being trained every year.

I was a little concerned about safety when I first heard I was heading to Colombia. And the city we were going to, Medellin, was renowned in the 80s and 90s for violence, kidnappings, and drug smuggling. However, in the last 10 years, the military has largely gotten control of the situation to the point that I never had any concerns while I was there. Even so, we didn’t venture out after dark and the campus’ protective measures included ferocious dogs roaming our compound at night, meaning we couldn’t leave our rooms after 11pm for fear of the dogs.

Colombia as a country is very optimistic about its future and sees itself as an important part of the world stage. The city we were in was very developed. It is implementing amazing social programs to help the poor in the slums, including innovative public transport to get from the slums to the jobs downtown. Public transport like light rail, cable cars, and escalators in the slums. Water, electricity and garbage pickup for all the squatters. This helps legitimize the squatters in the slums rather than forcing them to move or live like animals.


I’d love to go back someday to see the how the seminary is placing these new pastors and how this city is caring for its own.


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