More bits and pieces

This email came with dates.  I’m not quite sure where the previous post fits in, but here’s the first couple days:

Eventually Juan’s flight was “cancelado”. Now he’s supposed to fly in 6 hours later. The hired taxi drove me by myself 1 hour to the campus and would go back to get Juan. Taxi driver had absolutely no English except “no problemo” which is close to English. At least I knew “vamos” (let’s go).
Lunch side dish was lettuce with pineapples and yogurt which was called “fruit salad”. Tasted pretty good. Rice and beans too of course.
Worked until noon. Had lunch then went sightseeing in the afternoon. Back late but still had work to do
We saw a government project where they’ve built gondolas and escalators to help the poor get to the city from the slums for work. Now they have to ride the buses, they can take the cable car, then light rail from the squatter areas on the hills to the city for work. Its an amazing success story.
We went to an art museum, to a cathedral, to a high view of the city then off to sample the local fare for dinner. Our tour guide was the seminary chaplain who has been a missionary in Columbia for 47 years and has some amazing stories.
When I briefly spoke to Kevin yesterday (Wednesday), he still felt like they had a lot of work to do.  Please pray that it all came together . . . they’re already on their way home tomorrow!

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