Hurry up & Wait

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.  Here’s Kevin’s update for this valentine’s morning:

I was happy to see fresh pineapple and papaya for breakfast but they also had stuffed potatoes, rice and cheese.
My Spanish is definitely stretched already this morning. I asked for the bill at breakfast and got warm milk instead. I drank it anyway. The locals try harder with their English because of the blonde hair, I think. Still I’ve had to find a couple people to translate already.
The airport is definitely on the higher end of airports I’ve been to on my trips. I think the average income is in the neighbourhood of El Salvador and Guatemala, which is much higher than places like Africa or Haiti. It’s quite noticeable, but still a very needy place even though this is a big city.
Very friendly sniffer dogs at the airport. They are off leash and carrying around balls that occasionally roll away and they go chase. It adds a few smiles to the passengers.
Still waiting at the airport for Juan. His plane has been “en ruta” for a long time. I found our ride to take us to the seminary, now we just need Juan. It’s definitely a hurry up and wait kind of game.
Please pray for Kevin & Juan as they meet the leadership of the seminary, and try to come up with the best idea for solving their water problems.

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