It was Frl Lavendar in the Hallway with the Lead Pipe

Ever played Clue?  It was one of my favourite games as a kid, and I’ve enjoyed watching my kids learn to play it this last year.  I had even more fun putting together a life-sized clue party for Talia’s 11th Birthday Party . . .

It was almost cancelled due to our heat issues – where could we, at the last minute, move a party to, that required not one but FIVE rooms?  Thankfully, a phone call to our pastor saved the day, and Clue Mansion really took on Mansion proportions as the playing area covered a large part of our church.

We started in the “Ball Room” by fingerprinting the suspects and taking mug shots . . . one never knows when such information might be needed 😉 :

Next, dinner was served in the “Dining Room”:

Of course, I hadn’t counted on the fact that the kitchen area would be far removed from both the “ballroom” AND the “dining room” (it wouldn’t have been at our house) . . . so I was very happy that Kevin was able to take over for me in the kitchen.  Even then, I sent the girls up to make “dinner conversation” while putting the finishing touches on the pasta & sauce.

After dinner, we headed back down to the Ball Room . . . only to find the presents missing and the area marked with crime scene tape.  No one else had been in the Mansion . . . who could it have been??? . . .

Cards were drawn, binders were distributed, and the game of clue was on.  A large dice with a different room on each side moved the girls from room to room to make their accusations, and the girls carefully guarded their evidence:

. . . until the mystery was solved, the gifts returned – and the cupcakes eaten.  The offending party got a “get out of jail free” card and a set of “keys”. . . and she was quickly forgiven as the gifts reappeared 😉

Here’s the clue crew . . .including Cpt. Navy, Judge Jonquil, Mlle. Jade, Sra. Khaki, Dr. Gray, Miss Teal, Frl. Lavendar, Col. Ketchup & Ms. Magenta . . . the only one unable to make it was Prof. Mandarin:

(I have to admit, I always find Talia’s guest lists fascinating.  She invited a couple kids from school, a few from church, one from the neighbourhood, one from camp a few years back, even one she had met at Missionsfest last year . . . and of course, her sister.  Many of these kids only ever see each other at her birthday parties – but they all got along great and seemed to have a lot of fun with each other!)


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