Kaisa’s First 8 K!

In the midst of everything else last weekend, there was a x-country race to run 🙂  We had actually scheduled Talia’s birthday party AROUND the race . . . Talia didn’t want to wreck her streak of 8 K runs.  The big surprise though, was that Kaisa decided to run the 8 K too:

Daddy ran with her, and she finished in a very respectable 54 minutes.  The actual distance for this course was closer to 7 K, but still – it’s the longest distance she’s ever run – either road race OR x-country – and she was excited to surprise me with the news when she got home.  I’m usually out there cheering, but this time I needed the time at home to finish last minute party stuff (especially since we had JUST realized we’d be transplanting the party) – I’ll get party pictures up soon.  I will say, that between an 8 k, a birthday party, and an unexpected sleepover . . . Kaisa was pretty tired by the time her head hit the pillow!

On running news, though, we recently confirmed that Engineering Ministries International is an official charity for the Calgary Marathon Charity Challenge again this year.  Kevin is already registered for the marathon and Talia for the 10 K.  Kaisa’s still deciding, but she’s leaning towards running the 5 K again.  Anyone else want to join us as part of TEAM EMI?  Race day is May 27th, 2012.


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