Ein Guten Rutsch

The German New Year’s Greeting wishes you “ein guten Rutsch” – basically, “a good slide” into the New Year. And we definitely had one! On Boxing Day we left Calgary for California – a Christmas present from Kevin’s parents that would take us to the snowbird park where not only they were staying, but also my parents, my aunt & uncle, and my grandmother. Our girls had 7 of their “grandparents” around for the duration . . . how much more spoiled can a kid get? We had a good balance of relaxation, exercise (that’s Kevin’s idea of a dream holiday 😉 ) and fun – here’s a sampling of our wanderings:

Our makeshift Christmas tree:

Enjoying a walk in 1000 Palms (ignore the date – Kaisa’s camera is living in it’s own time zone 😉 ):

Sharing a bit about Engineering Ministries International at the Snowbird Park:

Rock scrambling in Joshua Tree Park:

Hiking in Painted Canyon:

New Year’s Party at the Park:

A surprise early birthday party for Talia:

A visit to Sea World:

And a visit to the San Diego Zoo

In between, Kevin got some runs in, we spent tons of time at the pool, we found some geocaches, and played a few games of Tuck.  We came home on a Friday and still had the weekend to relax before getting back into the swing of things this week.

Now everyone is back at school and work, and it feels like the New Year is almost old news.  But since we haven’t said it yet: Happy New Year.  May 2012 be your best year yet!


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