Gifts of Hope

Have you ever given “alternative” Christmas gifts . . . you know, the goats and school desks and clean water projects and the like?  We were introduced to them years ago, when Talia & Kaisa’s aunt & uncle gave a piglet in their honour (and then gave them a few pig-related dollar store items to remind them of the gift.)  They absolutely loved it!  Last year, we each received an MCC gift from Kevin’s parents – and they were perfectly chosen to suit us.  Kevin’s had to do with clean water, mine with international students, Talia’s with books & education, and Kaisa’s with housing in Africa . . .

This year, we’ve chosen to use some of the money we had set aside for giving to do gifts in honour of some special people in our lives.  The kids poured over the catalogues to find the best matches to fit the recipient and our budget.  It really was a positive experience all the way around . . . focussing on what we love about the people we’re giving the gifts too, and how we can make a difference in the world.

Need a last-minute gift?  Here’s a few of the alternative gift sites that we checked out and would recommend:

MCC Gift Catalogue

Samaritan’s Purse Gift Catalgue

Opportunity International Gift of Hope

Hope International Gift Catalogue

Partners International Gift Catalogue

Of course . . . you can always give the gift of a good design through Engineering Ministries International too . . . we don’t have a fancy catalogue, but the gift builds the capacity of ministries around the world.  Might be just perfect for that engineer or architect on your gift list . . .

Have you found any great sites for alternative gift giving?  Feel free to share links.


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