The Advent Season

I haven’t posted since November 18th??? Really?  Although, I guess since I just finished uploading my NOVEMBER photos to facebook, I shouldn’t be too surprised.  No, we haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth.  But no, I haven’t yet posted those Ghana updates.  No, I don’t have my Christmas Cards out yet.  No, I’m not done my shopping and my presents aren’t wrapped yet. . . . so what have we done?  I’ve been trying to figure that out as I’m now uploading DECEMBER photos to facebook.  Let’s see:

  • Prepared Advent Calendars for the girls
  • Enjoyed a cookie decorating & craft party at a friend’s house
  • Ran the Okotoks X-country (8 k for Kevin & Talia, 4 k for Kaisa)
  • Decorated for Christmas
  • Talia did the Advent Reading at our church
  • Built a snow fort in the Backyard
  • Attended the Teddybear Toss Hitmen Hockey Game with the Interns
  • Found out Talia won the prize for a library contest she entered 🙂
  • Had the English Corner Christmas Potluck
  • Introduced the eMi Interns to curling
  • Did some Christmas Shopping
  • Did some Christmas Baking
  • Had our own impromptu Christmas Cookie Decorating Party part 1
  • Said good-bye to our homestay student
  • Sang for the Church (Kaisa & Talia with the rest of the SS kids)
  • Had our own impromptu Christmas Cookie Decorating Party part 2
  • Attended the JLC Christmas Party (Talia)
  • Created teacher’s gifts
  • Attended the Pioneer Clubs Christmas Party (Talia & Kaisa)

Of course, since school ends late this year, all the regularly scheduled activities have been on-going too.  And believe it or not, our busiest weekend is yet to come . . .

It’s a good thing I enjoy all the hustle and bustle leading up to Christmas.  I always wish there were more time – there are so many fun things to do this season.  What special things do you do in the time leading up to Christmas?  How do you turn the advent season into a time of preparing to celebrate the birth of Christ?


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