Let it Snow . . .

The cooler temperatures that have been threatening finally arrived in Calgary overnight, along with some snow.  It definitely feels like winter out there!  It’s supposed to warm up before the end of the weekend . . . but for now, we’re definitely foreseeing a few inside days.

It’s not the first snow fall though . . . the first one arrived just in time for our Dessert Evening a couple weeks ago!  We actually moved the eMi Dessert Evening up a month in hopes of avoiding the blizzard that we had last year . . . but no such luck. Thankfully, the roads weren’t too bad by evening, and about 90 people came out to hear more about Engineering Ministries International and to bid on a bunch of really neat international items.  I think the fiercest bidding was on the kids table . . . the kids all hovered by the table so that they could make sure they weren’t outbid!

Here’s an album of photos that were taken at the Dessert Evening . . . it was a great night!  (And while you’re there looking at pictures, take a minute to “like” the eMi facebook page . . . )

Since the dessert evening, we’ve had another x-country run, a Junior Lifesaving Club competition, a lantern parade, a few play dates, and all the regular weekly activities.  One fun twist – I got to help the Pathfinders – that’s Kaisa’s group for Pioneer Clubs – go geocaching and then hide their very own geocache.  A bunch of cachers have found it already, and, since this cache is on church property, we’re well set up to do geocaching with other groups in the future.

In the next few days, I’m hoping to share a few more of Kevin’s Ghana reflections . . . maybe thinking about Ghana will help us stay warm . . .




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