Almost home . . .

Kevin & the team have landed in the States, and those continuing on will soon be on their way to Canada . . . 🙂

Since the presentation, they’ve had a chance to spend some time enjoying the countryside.  Kevin’s Dad had worked in a hospital in Ghana many years ago . . . and he & the whole team were able to pay it a visit!  They also enjoyed lobster stew and gruppo fish at former government minister’s beach house (likely one of the board members of the client ministry) and they even managed to tour a medieval fortress on the morning of the day they were flying out.  I’m very curious to see what a medieval fortress looks like in Ghana!

In between all the “touristy stuff” though, is the very important job of debriefing.  As the team members hit North America, they all scatter back to their regular jobs and their regular life.  How do you process what you’ve seen and experienced – and convey that to the loved ones you’re returning to?  How do you take what God’s been doing in your life – and actually make the changes you feel God is calling you to make?  Please don’t stop praying for the team just because they’re “back home” . . . for some, the hardest part is yet to come . . .


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