Saturday Presentation

Today was a good day of presenting to the community, getting our picture taken many times, touring the countryside, and then some souvenir shopping. During the presentation we got some cheers while we were showing just how big the clinic is going to be. We asked if the 57 beds would be eventually filled, and there was a resounding “Yes”. The committee and community is very excited about the new clinic. Phase 1 will be operational in 6 months and then fundraising for the next 2 phases will begin. The team did a great job during the presenting. We were then thanked with locally made Ghanaian shirts, cokes and cookies.

For a late lunch we drove up the mountain to a restaurant with an amazing view. We did some souvenir shopping and then relaxed at a former MP’s house for the evening.

Tomorrow is some more sightseeing, and then we need to pack up for home.

Pray for the team as they spend some time in rest & relaxation – and debriefing – and then start their long journeys home . . .


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