Midweek Blur

The last couple days have been a blur. We visited the main general hospital, toured a private clinic, toured a large construction site, and met with the committee in charge of the NGO who we are working with. We have met with 2 architects, 3 engineers, and had the morning today with 4 members of another EMI team. We started putting design down on paper today and then had it critiqued by our host this evening. Now after our devotional, a rousing game of scrabble is breaking out.

My computer is working again now that I’ve got an external keyboard. And we are using a neighbouring office’s printer since ours broke down before we printed our first page.

We went to the 2nd site today to see about doing a master plan for the school, but that part of the project seems mired in politics. We probably won’t be able to put much together this week for the school master plan. But we came to do the hospital, and it is moving along very well. Late yesterday we discovered design drawings for the site from 20 years ago. They look very well done and appear to confirm the design that we were coming up with. It’s good to see that we are on a similar track from the dream 20 years ago.

Please continue praying for Kevin and the team as they move towards the home stretch of the design portion of their project trip.  Pray for continued motivation and good health . . . and continued inspiration for a good design.


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