Tuesday Technology Troubles

There’s no official post today – at least not yet.  Kevin texted me this morning to say that the keyboard on his laptop lost all the vowels and a few other keys, so  – in a succinct 22 characters – “emails will be tougher”.  Along with that, the portable printer that Kevin generally takes along on these project trips isn’t working for whatever reason.  The joys of technology!  None of these are insurmountable problems, of course, but they are frustrating when you’re trying to get as much as possible done in a very limited time.  Please pray – for working technology, for work-arounds, for whatever it takes to finish the task set before them (after having just edited an article on limited vs. abundant time, that sounds very task-oriented . . . but hey . . . )

Please pray also that they were able to develop good relationships with the board members at their meeting earlier today (see – there’s some relational stuff) and that they were able to get the information they need to refine the designs that they’re working on (ok, back to tasks 😉 ).  I don’t know the plan for the coming days, but I would imagine that there will be lots more designing and revision happening, as well as possibly a chance to visit the existing clinic . . .



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