Sunday: The King & I

Church started this morning at 7AM. It was a good start to the day filled with Ghanaian culture. Lunch was Ga’ian style with peanut soup and rice balls. Dinner was also Ga’ian, but looked more like spaghetti with a twist. Dinner was actually at the king’s house. He is the traditional king of the region, which is a small part of the country. Our EMI ‘delegation’ of 7, and the ministry’s delegation of 5 met the king and his wife (she’s the queen, of course), for 3 hours in the afternoon. We had pleasant conversation, and were honoured in many ways with “food, wine and pleasantries”. The king was very keen about what we were doing to help improve conditions in the city. The ministry’s delegation included two former government ministers, one of whom is now the Ghanaian Counsel for Sweden, although he is definitely of Ghanaian blood. We had a good time exchanging stories about Canada and Ghana. In the picture, the king is in the middle front.


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