Monday: Meetings & Measuring

Good long day today. We surveyed, and had lots of meetings with local engineers and architects. We were inundated with information. We now need to rehash what we’ve got and prepare for a meeting tomorrow tonight.

We heard everyone’s testimonies tonight and had some good get to know you stories and laughs. Everyone is still healthy but we all worked hard and are quite tired tonight.

I didn’t sleep well last night and woke up quite tired. I guess time change takes more than 2 nights to fix. And my anti-malarial pills are doing a good job of keeping my dreams quite vivid so I tend to sleep lighter.

Please pray for the team as they process all the information coming their way.  Pray also for health . . . I’m still hoping Kevin didn’t catch my cold before he left . . . The meeting tomorrow night is with the board who seem to have final say about the project.  It will be a vital meeting in terms of catching the vision . . . pray for good clear communication and for unity of vision.  Thanks! 


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