Saturday: Starting the Week

I slept well on the flight and landed quite refreshed. We landed about noon and made our way through customs. All the luggage came through, we got picked up after one phone call to them but it didn’t take too long. There was 5 in the delegation, so we had 3 vehicles to ride back in from the airport. 15 minutes to Flora’s house where we had introductions, water, and then we went to the 2 sites. Got back from the sites with an hour before dinner, so we had a team meeting and then went to set up our mosquito nets. Girls are in one house, and we are in a neighbouring compound in the cousins house. The guard dog is so friendly, he licks everyone nearly to death. We had spaghetti dinner, showered, and then crashed into bed.

Cross-cultural expectations and communication will be a challenge this week. The ministry host, Flora, is taking a back seat to the local committee and we don’t get to have a meeting with the committee until Tuesday evening. So by the time we nail down the vision, it might be quite late in the week. The vision looks very disjointed, and is being pushed by Flora who doesn’t have a real say in much to do with the committee. Pray that we’ll be able to discern who is calling the shots and how to develop the vision that everyone can grab hold of.

I’ll know more tomorrow after we meet the king. Yes, the king. What do we bring as a delegation meeting the king? Apparently he is the king of their tribe, not of the whole country, but we will be presenting to him what we will be doing for his people.

But before that is church, and that is at 7AM and lasting until 9. Right now it is feeling very late so I need to sign off.

Please pray for Kevin and the team as they navigate the waters of cross-cultural communication.  Pray for them as they meet with the King.  And pray that through all the voices and all the ideas, it will be God’s vision that comes through, and God’s plan that will be evident in the final design.


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