Friday: No Worries

Kevin has managed to get internet connection . . . hopefully that means regular updates from here on in:

Worried that Dad might not make connection but that wasn’t a problem.
Worried that late departure out of Houston would make us miss our Ghana plane. It worked out.
Worried we wouldn’t get boarding passes in time in Houston. No problem.
Worried about hunger on first plane. But I had a granola bar and did fine.
Worried team wouldn’t talk – evidently not going to be a problem for most of the team.

Looks like a great start to a trip. Small team but we’ll get to know each other very well.
Slept 6 hrs on the 10 hour flight. Very happy about that.
Chatted with Nigerian engineer next to me about electrical engineering, NASA, and satellite communications for the US Federal government.

Wondering if this trip will be different. Can I keep up the enthusiasm and not chalk it up to all being the same as other trips? I need to reflect more on the team members and ministry people and not on the place in order to continue being excited about the trip. I need to be excited about what makes people tick. It’s about relationships, not the project.


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