Arrived in Africa

Kevin texted – and then later phoned – this morning to let me know that he and the team had arrived safely in Ghana.  They won’t likely have internet until tomorrow or the next day, so I’m not expecting many details until then. He did get a Ghanian SIM-card for his phone, and we did figure out a computer to SMS service for his Ghana carrier, so I won’t be completely out of touch . . . just limited to 140 character updates 🙂

Ghana is 6 hours ahead of Calgary, so while I’m still fast asleep, Kevin and the team will be experiencing a Ghanian Worship Service.  I’m jealous :).  When I join Kevin on project trips, I love experiencing God’s family all around the world.

Pray for the team as they get to know each other . . .  and as they get to know about the ministry they’re there to serve.  The first few days are always vital in setting the tone and in catching the vision of the ministry.  Of course, this is refined throughout the week . . . but a good start makes the design phase so much easier!

Thanks for your prayers!  I’ll keep you updated as best I can.


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