This week: Ghana

Here is a prayer update for the upcoming weeks as Kevin leaves on his project trip to Ghana . . . be sure to check out our latest Wiens Wanderings Newsletter too . . .

 LMK is an indigenous Ghanaian ministry which operates a medical clinic in Ghana, West Africa. They have a vision to expand it into a hospital for mothers and children. The need is great for medical facilities in this urban area of Ghana, especially facilities that target the most impoverished and vulnerable. The new hospital will fulfill the founder’s God-sized dream of ministry to the poor in Ghana.

Kevin is leading a group of volunteer engineers, surveyors and architects to the site at the end of this week. Their aim is to survey the land, determine the building, water and infrastructure requirements, prepare a long term master plan, and develop building designs. The Engineering Ministries team will work with the local staff to produce ideas, budgets and fund-raising materials.

Pray for Kevin as he leads the team and works with the ministry. Pray for the team as they learn to be sensitive to cultural issues and as they strive to provide a design that will be honouring to God. Pray that the team would have unity and integrity and that each member would grow spiritually and be challenged to a deeper relationship with God.

Thanks for being part of this ministry!  Watch our blog for updates . . . detail will depend on how available internet access is once Kevin gets there . . .


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