Every 4 Months

The rhythms of our life here in Calgary tend to flow in 4 month cycles for us:

Every 4 months, Kevin prepares to lead another project trip

Every 4 months, new interns arrive at Engineering Ministries International

Every 4 months, we say good-bye to another homestay student

There seem to be a lot of good-byes in our life.  Whether it’s homestay students, interns, or the volunteers on Kevin’s teams, we’ve invested part of our lives in these individuals.  And we have no guarantee that we’ll see them again on this side of Heaven.  We joke sometimes that our kids are learning that relationships are built in 4 month cycles.  I’m thankful for email and facebook and blogs that allow me to keep up – at least a little bit – with what my friends around the world are doing.  Occasionally, our paths will cross again.  We’ve had former interns on project trips, we’ve visited volunteers in our travels, and yes, we’ve even had a homestay student come back to spend Christmas with us.

Would you pray for us as we say our hellos and good-byes?  Pray that we would continue to invest in the lives that God brings across our path, not withdraw to protect our hearts from the inevitable good-byes.  Pray that we would continue to share his love and represent him well.

Good-bye, Sayo – we’ll miss you.  Come back soon!  Welcome Kahomi – we’re looking forward to having you as part of our family.  Welcome to the eMi Canada office, Charity, Stephanie, Hannah & Taylor.  We’re looking forward to what God has planned for the coming 4 months.


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