How Big is Your God?

At church this morning, our pastor posed the question:  How big is your God? Is there more to God?  What is limiting your view of God?

My mind immediately wandered to this write up that Kevin had shared with me over the summer.  I hope you won’t mind me sharing it with you too.

How big is our God? The more I encounter Christians from the developing world, the more I marvel at how big their God is. In my world, my God only has to get me out of traffic jams, heal my colds, and get me over my anxieties. In countries like Sudan, Haiti, and Kenya, God has to provide food each and every day, has to free children from kidnappers, has to protect against local authorities, and also has to figure out a way to get the pump working again. Our limited brains cannot comprehend his power, his compassion, his vision, but surely he is bigger than what we make him out to be in the west.

Reverend Painito, who I met in Burundi, would pray what I thought were really big prayers. For example, he prayed that God would influence government decisions so they would provide a free electrical service to their property. And you know what? God indeed did provide the $300,000 electrical service to the site at no cost to the ministry. What a challenge to our notion of how big God really is!

How big is YOUR God?  What really big prayers are you praying today?


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