Run for Water

Kevin & the girls run for the love of running . . . but when the race they’re entering is for a great cause, so much the better. This morning, they were part of the Calgary Run for Water, which was raising money for Hope International to support clean water projects in Ethiopia. This resonates with us on so many levels – Kevin’s background in water & wastewater means clean water projects are always close to his heart, Kaisa has a special spot in her heart for Ethiopia, and we’ve been involved with Hope International through their Building Family Ties program.   So needless to say, we were excited to be part of the Calgary Run for Water inaugural race 🙂

(Here’s Kevin at the 10 K start – he’s on the far left in his eMi shirt and red hat)

We even managed to convince some friends to join us . . . here are Talia & Kaisa with “Mrs. Shannon” at the 5 K start line:

Kaisa, as usual, ended strong and looked like she’s had a blast:

Talia, on the other hand, looked rather worse for the wear at the end of her race . . . but she had a good excuse.  That girl finished the 5 K in 28 minutes and 27 seconds!  To put that into perspective, that’s a minute and a half faster than her previous personal best, and it put her in 6th place for the Women’s 19&Under Category – not bad for a 10 year old!

Wish I was half as fit as the rest of my family 😉 Oh well, someone has to cheer 😀 .

There’s a few more fall races left . . . and then, of course, the winter x-country series . . . I’ll certainly have no lack of races to cheer!


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