Camping & eMi Conference

We haven’t managed to do nearly as much camping since we moved to Calgary – it seems so much more complicated here, and usually involves reservations and planning ahead.  But last week, friends of ours asked if we would consider coming with them to Pigeon Lake – they own a boat, and are trying to find good water skiing lakes in the area.

It was a one-night only thing . . . since both guys were going mountain biking with the men’s group from our church on Saturday . . . but that made it do-able (otherwise there was no way we would have gotten a site this late over the long weekend).  And we had so much fun!  We got in some biking, a few geocaches, some time around the campfire, and some time on the lake.  Kevin even got his first birthday cake (his big 4-0 is coming up next week . . . ) .  It was a lot of work and a lot of driving for an overnight – but it was definitely worthwhile!

Now we’re starting to look forward to the eMi World Staff Conference that is coming up quickly.  eMi has offices around the world – India, Africa, and Latin America, as well as North America and Europe – and so often we just know our co-workers by name and email.  It will be so nice to meet many of them face to face!

Please pray for us as we drive down and for the time we have in Colorado with the eMi family . . . it’s a long drive, but we’re looking forward to enjoying the road trip (the girls have printed off about a hundred pony bead patterns to keep themselves busy 😉 ) and to the fun and fellowship once we get there.


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