Summer, continued.

Well, we got a few parades in (yes, even caught a glimpse of Will & Kate – or at least their white Stetsons), and a few stampede breakfasts (including a terrific one at our church), but other than that we mostly missed Stampede this year, since that was the week that the girls went to camp.

For Talia’s birthday – yes, back in January – we had given her a week at “horse camp” (really, just a Christian camp that happens to have horses . . . but definitely exciting for my horse-crazy daughter).  Of course, Kaisa was going too – an early birthday present for her.  They both came home tired and mosquito-bitten, but they had an absolute blast.  Camp played a large role in both Kevin and my Christian walk, and we’re thrilled that we can pass that legacy to our daughters too.

While the girls were away, Kevin and I enjoyed the unique experience of being kid-free . . . it gave me a chance to get into the office and catch up on a few things, but it also provided time for evening walks and bike rides at a time when we usually need to be home putting the kids to bed.  Kevin even took Wednesday off and we headed out to Canmore for a full day of hiking, biking and geocaching (we found 24 geocaches in 1 day!).  The weather had looked iffy, but it stayed nice for us all day – until we drove back into Calgary in quite the rainstorm . . . and under a beautiful double rainbow.  We had won a restaurant gift certificate as a door prize a while ago, and so the day ended with a more traditional “date” and I didn’t even have to cook 🙂

This week has been a bit quieter.  The girls have swimming lessons in the mornings, and then they’ve been content to just hang around at home.  We had friends from university come by for dinner one evening, and friends from Fort St. John drop by for lunch another day . . . other than that, there’s been a lot of reading, a lot of playmobile, some rock painting, and yes, some computer time too.  Relaxing summer days.


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