Snatches of News

I got some snatches of news from Kevin today, thanks to skype, in between the internet fading in and out . . . apparently the day went well, though it started raining at 1 o’clock today, so the surveyors had to end early (they expected it to be okay until 2).  They were holed up in their “office” for the afternoon . . . they got a lot done, and they’re happy with where they are, but they just found out that the ministry hosts are flying out of the country Friday morning, so now they have to do their presentation on Thursday already.  That’s not a lot of days left to get everything done!  Please pray that the ideas flow and that they’ll be able to get all the information they need.

Also, pray for Matthew, the structural engineer, who has been feeling sick.  They’re hoping he’ll be better tomorrow . . .


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