And so another trip begins . . .

Kevin and his team have arrived safe & sound in Haiti, complete with luggage.  He seems to have a bit of internet access now that he’s arrived in Mirebalais, though it’s very slow, but hopefully we’ll get updates this week . . . here’s what Kevin had to say:


We saw everyone at the airport in the check in line but we didn’t see Braden (the volunteer from our church) after that. He didn’t get on our plane. I checked his itinerary and sure enough he was routed through Dallas while the rest of us are going through Chicago. His flight left an hour before ours. I guess we’ll see him in Miami an hour after we get there. He is returning through Chicago and we are going through Dallas on the return (opposite of the first flight) so I guess I just missed it when I was checking on the itineraries.

We met the HCAS (Haiti Children’s Aid Society) rep, Dave, in the lineup and recognized his rubber maid bins as going to Mirebalais. It would have been easier to meet if I had been wearing my new EMI shirt.

I’ve been wondering how this trip will be different than all the rest. I’m glad I still got nervous and excited in the days leading up to it. That means its not just old hat. Having new people on the teams and people that are excited about their first trip etc helps keep me excited.

This sounds like a very worthwhile project and a group that has their act together to get things done in short order. The ministry rep we are travelling with has adopted 3 kids from this orphanage and so he is totally sold on what we’re doing. His kids are now 8 and 6 year old twins.


We all met in the airport lobby and walked to the airline desk. Very handy to be so close but no extras at the hotel – no pool, breakfast, or wifi.

Had a team meeting on Friday evening. Met Mary and Patrick on Saturday morning so we had to fill them in. Not much time to talk before loading plane.

Talked to a Haitian on the plane about Haitian politics. I tried to stay away from it but he really wanted to chat. I don’t usually talk to my seatmates that much but it was good.

Met Melinda and Massanah (two more team members) at the airport in the chaotic parking lot after we tried to call them twice. Shopping at Megamart which is the closest thing to box store shopping in Haiti. Then went to fast food place where we waited over an hour for our food but it was really good food. Our luggage got wet on top of the van in the afternoon showers.

Spent about 15 minutes on the site since we were driving by. Neighbour was arguing that in clearing the land the workers had cleared part of his sugar cane too. That took some time to diffuse. Got dropped off at the Mirage Club where we will be staying and eating. Went for a walk downtown as it was getting dark and people were taking down their stalls. Dinner and then a team meeting where everyone shared first impressions.

So another trip begins.  Please pray for Kevin as the team as they get to know each other and the ministry that they’re there to serve.  Pray for them as they catch the vision of the Haiti Children’s Aid Society and begin their design.


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