This weekend was race weekend for TEAM EMI . . . and despite heavy rain late in the week, race day dawned bright and clear.  Talia had sent off a few last fundraising letters saying “Please sponsor me (and please pray for sunshine)” . . . her friends must have been praying hard!  It was a gorgeous day, and we all had a great time!

Kevin first . . . he was running the marathon . . .

He ran a personal best of 3:21 . . . putting him 65/739 finishers . . . but he did NOT make his goal of 3:15, so he’s already signed up for another marathon later this season!  He was on track to make his 3:15, and then got a nosebleed at about KM 38, which caused him to walk for a km (and apparently caused quite a stir at the next aid station!).

Talia & Kaisa both ran the 5 K . . .

Talia started out being paced by one of the interns, and it sounds like a few other TEAM EMI runners pushed her hard 🙂  (“I couldn’t slow down, Mom, every time I wanted to they told me to keep running”) .  Talia hit her goal of a 30 minute 5 k . . . her chip time was 30 minutes and 9 seconds.  With her chip time, she would have been in the top 20 girls 14 & under . . . but age group rankings go by gun time and she was a bit further back . . . but still, 23/162 is nothing to sneeze at, especially when you’re racing against 14 year olds!  She was pretty sore the next day . . . she ran hard!

Kaisa was only 5 minutes behind, with a chip time of 35 minutes and 46 seconds (54/162).  She had a huge smile on her face as she came up to the finish line – she had found her pace and finished strong:

Kaisa also won the TEAM EMI prize for highest fundraising total for the kids . . . of course, she got helped out a bit by being featured in an eMi Canada email-out . . . but still, she was pretty excited about the fundraising side of things.

In total, TEAM EMI raised over $15,000 for Engineering Ministries International . . . and we thought we were being optimistic when we set a goal of $10,000 when we were first accepted as an official charity . . .

It was so neat being part of a team on race day . . . most of the running we’ve done has been very individual . . . but this weekend there were 28 runners wearing the TEAM EMI shirts . . . not to mention several photographers and other volunteers . . . and everyone was cheering for each other and checking in at the eMi tent after their race . . .  here’s part of the team:

We also had people stop by, curious as to who we were and what we did . . . so we got to share about our ministry too 🙂

We had a TEAM EMI BBQ later that afternoon, and the unanimous decision was that it was a GREAT time and almost everyone is planning on running again next year . . . what do you think – can we double the size of TEAM EMI for 2012???



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