What a weekend!

What a BUSY weekend.  I think almost all the areas of our life seemed to intersect on Saturday!

First came the TEAM EMI fun run . . . Kevin, Talia & Kaisa are running for Engineering Ministries International in the Calgary Marathon Charity Challenge at the end of this month (want to sponsor them?  check out http://emicanada.org/eventsmarathonsponsor.shtm for details).  Since a lot of the runners don’t know each other, Kevin organized a fun training run in Bowness Park for those who could make it:

It was gorgeous weather, and everyone seemed to enjoy the run.  Less than two weeks ’til race day!

Then we headed home for a quick lunch, as Talia had a Junior Lifesaving Club Fun Meet:

The kids warmed up, did the obstacle swim, the line throw, the mannequin tow, and the medley relay . . . and then played some more games in the pool, because they weren’t tired out enough 🙂

From there, we were off to the English Corner Year End BBQ . . . where more than 50 people showed up for food and conversation!  I think we managed to stretch Dawn’s kitchen to absolute capacity:

I don’t know if we ever did a count of how many countries were represented . . . I can think of 8 off the top of my head.  My kids both made new friends, and there was definitely lots of English happening here!

So – with such a busy Saturday, we planned a quiet Sunday.  Our homestay student and the neighbours who come with us to church were staying for the Newcomer’s Luncheon . . . but Talia wanted to bring a friend home, so it wasn’t quite just us.  After lunch, the three girls connected up with some neighbours, and spent the afternoon  preparing “performances” for the parents:

I love the fact that kids have friends close enough that they can run back & forth between each other’s houses.  And hey, the shows were pretty fun too!

After driving Talia’s friend home, and finding a few more geocaches on the way back to our house, we decided we’d treat ourselves to leftovers in front of the TV – we had a dvd out from the library that needed to be returned.  I think Kaisa almost fell asleep before the movie was over!

I think the only thing that was missing this weekend was soccer . . . but we’ll get enough of that this week . . .


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