No excuses

No, we haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth . . . and life hasn’t been so boring that there was nothing to blog about . . . nor so busy that there was no time . . . in fact, I don’t really have any good excuse about why our blog has been so neglected for so long.  So I suppose the best thing to do is just “catch up” & keep going . . .

In the last month, we’ve been transitioning from winter to spring activities – and yes, spring weather has FINALLY arrived in Calgary.  It was late start to the soccer season, but the girls are enjoying their evenings outdoors.  Add to that that we’re biking to school regularly again, and we’ve got some pretty tired kids!

We’ve also had a few busy weekends.  The weekend before Easter, Grandma & Grandpa (Kevin’s parents) came for a visit.  Talia had a Swim Meet with the Junior Lifesaving Club that weekend, so they go to cheer her on.

On Good Friday, our new homestay student arrived.  Sayo (from Japan) is fitting in to our family very well, and we’re enjoying having her as part of our family for a few months.

The following weekend, Oma & Opa (my parents) came up for the weekend.  They timed it to come for the Calgary Cachers Geocaching Event – lots of fun.  Along with that, a friend of ours moved in next door that weekend, so we helped out a bit there.  On Mother’s Day weekend, the girls took me garage saling and more geocaching . . . how much better does life get 🙂

I’m so glad spring is here . . . I love spending more time outside and getting more active again (after biking the kids to school, I have just enough time to bike to work!), and I just love the sunshine.  I’ll try to come inside often enough to get this blog updated a bit more regularly 🙂


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