Wrapping Up

The internet has been less than consistent . . . but I just got a bunch of emails from Kevin, so here’s the latest updates (though it still seems that Thursday disappeared somewhere):


It’ll be a long day today. We’re are all doing a lot of drafting and finalizing things. We are one computer short of a full supply so we are doing a bit of sharing. We plan on finishing at 3pm to go to the ocean. Apparently it is not really a beach, just a place for swimming. The presentation is this evening, whether we are done or not.
We are praying that we catch our flights tomorrow. There is a tight connection in Port au Prince that the locals say they never try to make. The local flights are invariably late and don’t make the connection consistently.
God is touching a lot of our team this week despite the busyness. Thanks for praying.

and later Friday . . .

The beach in Jeremie was amazing. No wonder it was Ivans favourite. It was small and somewhat dirty but it was protected from the wind, clear and very warm water. There even was a cave to swim to and go cliff jumping. Great way to recover after a long hard week.


It’s been a great week. We’ve been worried all week (and praying lot about it) that we might not make the flight out due to a tight connection in Haiti. However, our domestic flight was on time much to the surprise of the locals.

When we got in the international terminal we discovered that the flight to Miami after us was cancelled, so our flight had a lot of extra people trying to get on. So we are very lucky to both have made the connection and that it wasn’t our flight that got cancelled. One prayer…answered twice.


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