The week begins

Although I had heard briefly that Kevin had arrived in Jérémie, it wasn’t until this morning that he finally got internet access and sent off some emails . . . so here’s the latest:


We arrived on time and went straight to our guesthouse in Port au Prince where we had lunch. We went for a walk in the neighbourhood and met lots of people. This seems to be a very safe neighbourhood but there is still a lot of life happening on the street. We played soccer with a bunch of teenagers this afternoon who, even though they weren’t good enough to play in the other 2 games going on were still way better than us.

Our room overlooks the road so it is very noisy, especially from the roosters who want to wake us up way too early and the trucks going by. All 6 men are in one room which is a wooden structure built on the roof of the guesthouse.

The team is gelling very well so far. I look forward to working with them this week.


We had a great lively church service this morning, all in Creole and 2 hours long. My ears were ringing for an hour afterward. They showed us to the best seats which were the ones under the fans. We sure needed that. It seemed that the majority of the 500 people packed into that building were under 25. That’s a lot of energy.

We had been given directions to a new church but we couldn’t find it. So we started following a man with a Bible. He said he didn’t know where the church was either but we could go with him to his. It was only 3 blocks away. It was named Temple Evangelique de Golgotha which I was a little unsure of at first but turned out to be a great church

carrying chairs to church

We walked around this neighbourhood which turned out to be quite well to do with many large houses, even by our standards. Most were at some stage of repair or complete reconstruction. Most of the rubble in our section of the city has been removed and is much cleaner than I expected.

We heard half the teams testimonies and before that we heard many earthquake stories from our hosts. Its been a good day.


We awoke this morning to about 5-6 roosters all crowing at each other for several hours. Together with the barking dogs and people on the streets at 4AM, it wasn’t a very long night. We packed up and drove to the airport. Since they had cancelled the flight the day before, we were on a second added flight today. So we ended up flying out about 1.5 hours late. But we got to Jérémie without incident, dropped our bags off at the missionary’s house, and drove an 1.5 hours to the site. It’s a great piece of land with lots of hills and a beautiful view. We heard from Katie (the doctor missionary) in the evening about the vision for the site.

We are so thankful that the country was very peaceful and quiet for election day. There was no violence, as far as we heard.


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